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Why I'm standing to be your MP

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After more than 14 years in power, the Conservatives have proven time and time again that they are not fit to govern. My time working in social housing, fighting the bedroom tax, tackling the housing crisis, and, campaigning for more employment opportunities for social housing tenants has shown me the Conservatives' failings first hand. ​


In the last few years it has become even worse. The political in-fighting within the Conservative party, the succession of unelected Prime Ministers - together with the disastrous handling of the economy, the failure to manage the NHS, and the spiralling cost-of-living crisis - have all become intolerable for many voters.​


The price of the Conservative party “playing politics” with voters is paid for by the people. It is now time for change. We need a progressive government that will finally put the needs of the people, our communities, and our businesses first. It's time for change, and I’d like to be the first Labour MP for Suffolk Coastal.

It's time for change 

How Suffolk has shaped me

Local issues are personal priorities for me. Suffolk Coastal is the constituency I grew up in.  My dad still lives in the constituency, and my mum lives in a care home in Ipswich.  ​


I was shaped by my early experiences living in Martlesham Heath. My dad taught at a pupil referral unit in Ipswich, and later in schools throughout Suffolk. He was – and still is – one of my greatest inspirations for what quality education should deliver.  


My mum was an NHS nurse in Ipswich for much of her career, and for a while she worked in care homes across Ipswich and Suffolk – working night shifts whilst I was young, and often juggling two or three jobs at a time.


Sadly my mum is now suffering from dementia, and her illness is quite advanced. It’s a terrible disease that has robbed our family of so much – like so many other families across Suffolk.  But this experience has also given me incredible insight into the UK’s social care system, and how so much more needs to be done to support our older population. The work of the carers and the care homes that have supported Mum over the years has been outstanding – but more needs to be done to support people and their carers, and to make quality care affordable.   

A career in campaigning and creating change

I moved away from Suffolk in 2005 to go to university, but I kept my ties with the county. I continued my basic training and officer training with the Territorial Army at the TA unit in Ipswich (RLC, 202 Squadron) until 2009.​


Unfortunately, and as many young people in Suffolk experience, I had to move away to build a career in London. Suffolk has much to offer – but sadly careers for young people are often built outside of the county. I am keen to champion more employment opportunities across Suffolk, and help to create more routes for people to build careers here, so that young people who want to live, work, and grow in Suffolk can do so.​


My job as Managing Director at a prominent national communications agency means that I am experienced in leading complex national campaigns that deliver positive change. I’ve led campaigns tackling big issues such as infrastructure and transport, social housing, the UK’s housing crisis,  fuel poverty, and the creation of employment opportunities for some of the most hard-to-reach communities in the UK. This hands-on experience will help me shape a positive future for Suffolk Coastal if I become your MP in 2024.​


I’m also passionate about creating a clean, green, and vibrant Suffolk Coastal. We are proud to be host to some of the country’s most scenic villages, rivers, and coastline – but we need to do more to protect our natural environment and beautiful landscape.​

If Suffolk Coastal is to continue to grow and prosper, we need better transport and infrastructure. Too often our roads and train services prevent people from getting to work, or stop people from travelling around the county and beyond. We need an MP who will work with other leaders across the county to fix our broken transport system, and to attract the inward investment our county needs. 


If I am elected to be your MP, I’ll only have one job: to represent the people of Suffolk Coastal. From Southwold, Woodbridge, Leiston, and Felixstowe to Saxmundham – and every village and household across Suffolk Coastal –  I am pledging to be the MP that Suffolk Coastal deserves.  

It’s time for change, and I’d like to hear from you about the issues you’re facing. Please get in touch with me through the form below so we can talk about the issues you and your household, community or business are facing. 

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