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Labour’s plan for clean energy

Britain has the potential to be a clean energy superpower. We have huge advantages: our entrepreneurs, our coastline, our scientists and our workforce. But, to get cheaper bills, better jobs and energy independence requires leadership, investment, and a plan. Labour’s long-term plan for green energy will focus on:

  1. A proper windfall tax on oil and gas companies. We have fought for a proper windfall tax on the excess profits of oil and gas companies, so we can support families with the cost of living.

  2. Great British Energy. We will create a new publicly owned champion – Great British Energy, to give us real energy independence from foreign dictators. It will be owned by the British people, built by the British people and benefit the British people. It will invest in clean energy across our country- for example by making the UK a world leader in floating offshore wind.

  3. National Wealth Fund. Alongside GB Energy will be a new National Wealth Fund that will invest in the jobs that can rebuild Britain’s industrial strength, and crowd in private investment in our ports, gigafactories, hydrogen, and protect our steel industry. Key to the success of our plans is upgrading the national grid so that we have the infrastructure we need to move forward. This is a once in a generation chance for Britain to lead again on the global stage, forging a Clean Power Alliance with like-minded countries – to seize the opportunities of clean energy, tackle climate change and provide lasting benefits to the country and the generations to come.

  4. Warmer Homes. Labour would upgrade Britain’s cold, draughty homes, cutting bills and creating thousands of good jobs for electricians, engineers, and construction workers across the country.

  5. Clean Power by 2030. A Labour government would:

  • Pioneer floating offshore wind, by fast-tracking at least 5 GW of capacity.

  • More than double our onshore wind capacity to 35 GW.

  • More than triple solar power to 50 GW.

  • Quadruple offshore wind with an ambition of 55 GW by 2030.

  • Double the government’s target on green hydrogen, with 10 GW of production for use particularly in flexible power generation, storage, and industries like green steel.


Giving voice to the issues in Suffolk Coastal

  • The Labour party has made clear that nuclear energy and offshore renewable energy will play an important role in our future energy creation. The events of the past few years, and in particular the war in Ukraine, have shown the critical need for the UK to take charge of its own energy production. 

  • I am an advocate of Suffolk Coastal playing a key role helping to power Britain with clean and green energy - if done properly, will bring new green jobs and can propel future investment to the area. 

  • However - for years, the people and communities of Suffolk Coastal failed to be engaged with the plans, and there has been clear and wilful neglect by the Conservative Government – and the local MP -  to hear the issues that local communities are rightfully concerned about.

  • Sizewell C was approved by the Conservative Government in 2022, despite these local concerns being raised continually to Government, the local MP and Council.  

  • We must now ensure that the community play a more prominent role in determining how the community investment is spent, and how the build programme is held to account. 

Launching a Sizewell C Civic Taskforce 

If I am elected to serve as your MP, I will launch a Sizewell C Civic Taskforce on day one, to ensure that we maximise the investment that Suffolk Coastal receives from Sizewell C, and that we hold the project to account through scrutiny.


This taskforce will be made up of civic leaders from across the Constituency, and will include campaigners who have opposed the project, as well as leaders across charities, communities and businesses in the region. 

We cannot be complacent about where the benefits from the community investment are spent, or how the build out programme is managed. And I will make it a clear and core priority to hold this process to account. 

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